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Production Requirements (when PA and lighting are to be provided by hiring client) In General: "Big Nick and the Cydecos" requires a modestly powered, but professional quality PA system. The band reserves the right to direct the mixing methodology and content though out the performance and setup. Big Nick utilizes several acoustic accordions that must be pronounced in the mix. Since no on-stage amplification is used for the accordions, the monitor mix and out-front level is critical to an acceptable mix. It is preferable to assign sound engineers mixing the band, that have prior experience in mixing of acoustic instruments as well as electronic instruments. PA Requirements: Vocals: Four vocal microphones and stands (two booms), SM-58 quality or equivalent. Drums: Minimally, 3 microphones: Kick Drum, Snare and Overhead DI's/Line-ins: Piano Accordion - XLR or ¼" DI from Shure Wireless UT4 Diversity Receiver Button Box #1 - ¼" DI for internal high impedance dynamic microphone Button Box #2 - ¼" DI for internal high impedance dynamic microphone Button Box #3 - XLR for phantom powered condenser microphone, Audio Technica ATM35 Bass Guitar - XLR for line connection from bass amp head Lead Guitar - One SM57/58 for guitar amp Rub Board - ¼" DI for high impedance contact microphone Console: Minimum - Mackie CR1604-VLZ or equivalent, snake to allow for off-stage mixing Monitor System Requirements: Minimally, two monitor mixes, 4 wedges .. OR .. A two-mix monitor feed - Two ¼" TRS line-level monitor sends for Shure P4T Wireless Transmitter In-Ear monitor system Out front Power Requirements: If indoors, two professional single internally crossed over speaker system Amplifier to provide ~500W per speaker (such as QSC PLX-1602 or equivalent) If outdoors, professional Bi Amp-ed system preferable Bass Bins and Midrange/Hi's cabinets to adequately cover area Lighting Requirements: Minimally, two trees of 4-floods, one on each side of stage Minimally, lighting control for on/off switching during breaks Stage Size Requirements: Approx 10' x 15' of minimum performance room, no drum riser required Power Requirements: Power requirements will be managed between the hiring client and hired production company.
Production Requirements (when PA and lighting are provided by Big Nick and the Cydecos)
  If Big Nick provides production, a minimum of 
          three independently 115VAC 60Hz fused power provisions are required.
  If outdoors performance, some provision to have the performers situated so as not to be standing
          on the bare ground must be provided.  
          Approx 10' x 15' of minimum performance room is required, (no drum riser required).
  If outdoors, shelter must be provided for protection against rain/direct sun.     

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