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  Homebrew Radio Projects - Twinplex Regenerative Receiver

Twinplex Regenerative
Twinplex 3/4 view
Twinplex front
Twinplex Rear view

The Twinplex was my second regenerative radio project.

This project is described in great detail in a Lindsay publication.  The pub covers construction techniques as well.

I tried to make mine as close to the Lindsay model as I could at the time.

It's painted with black wrinkle paint which I needed to order via the WEB.  I also painted part of my guest bathroom floor with over-spray and stunk up the house real-good!

Lesson #1, paint outside!  (Especially if you're married!)

This is a very nice performing unit.  You'll definitely need a vernier tuner particularly if you want to demodulate those SSB ham transmissions.  But, it can be done!

Note the 9V batteries in series.  This is a cheap way to get 90 VDC.  The set draws little power, so I used a brick of cheapie Walgreen's batteries.