KC9KEP - A work in progress



  Homebrew Radio Projects - 1942 ARRL Radio


This is one of my best performing regenerative receivers.

The design appeared in the December 1942 ARRL magazine.

The components are a little more modern than some of my other radios, but I particularly like the band-set/band spread feature.

One can easily dial in the vicinity of the station that you're interested in by using the band set control, and then zero-in by using the band spread.

Regeneration is provided via another variable capacitor.

The capacitor is a nice feature because you cannot get a dirty pot causing scratches or pops while adjusting.

The set has plenty of headphone volume as it uses a twin triode.  Of course, use high impedance headphones.  That's a pair of Baldwin's in the first photo.

Bias for the second triode is provided by a single "A" cell which is hidden under the chassis.

I did have some trouble with the set oscillating but adding another 0.001 capacitor to the RF choke circuit to ground seemed to completely fix that.
I like those old vernier dials .. lots of style, but they are become pricy as they become rarer.

The front panel is made of 0.090" anodized aluminum and laser engraved which makes the lettering look pretty sharp.

I added the 3-position switch in the hopes that I could turn off the B+ while leaving the filament turned on to minimize drift when the set is turned off while transmitting on another rig.