KC9KEP - A work in progress



  Homebrew Radio Projects - Morgan Crystal Radio


OK .. I admit it .. I'm a "Morgan-head"!

I love his early books of electronics "for boys".  So, I've decided to build some of his crystal radio projects from the "Boy's First Book of Radio & Electronics".

I was particularly attracted to his hand wound coils, wound upon 2 x 2 wood stock.  (The "forms" are first shellaced, and another coat of shellac applied after the wire is wound.

This was also my first opportunity to work with a "cat's whisker wire" Galena crystal.  It's actually fairly easy to find an active spot on the crystal.

Being a crystal set, I don't receive many stations, and it takes a bit of tuning to keep two stations from being heard simultaneously.

But, I plan to fix that by building Alfred's wave-trap.  Also, I'll try building his antenna loading coil.