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  Homebrew Radio Projects

Regenerative Receivers
Alfred Morgan radio
1941 4-tube Super!

1942 ARRL radio
1942 Superhet Radio
Twinplex receiver
Doerle Signal Gripper
Rocky receiver
Knight Space Spanner

Heterodyne Receiver


Superhet receiver

Audio Amp
Alfred Morgan Amplifier

Alfred Morgan Preamp

Hello, and welcome to my homebrew radio pages!

A little history is in order .. Some of my earliest memories are of tinkering with electronics:
#6 ignition batteries, door bells, electromagnets, Mr. Wizard, Boy Scout manuals, pinball machine parts, anything that did something when power was applied :-)

But one of the coolest projects ever was that of making my own radios, winding coils, shellacing wood orange-crate board bases, etc.

Now that I've taken a break from my recent musical endeavors, I've returned to some of these cherished projects.

These pages show some of my recent construction projects.

Hope you find them interesting and informative!

(More of my projects)

Ted Crosby HBR-12
1941 7-tube superhet
"Novice" Ham CW

Broadcast Transmitter

Antenna Tuner
Crystal Receiver Sets
"Mystery" Receiver
Dave Schmarder Detect
Dave Schmarder Tuner
Coil Winder
Coil Winder Video
Grid Dip Oscillator
Grid Dip Oscillator
Morgan Crystal Radio