Lesson  - Requests

Cajun Exercise

Hippi Taiaut

Hippi Taiaut Slow

French Blues

Amedee Two Step


I've dedicated this section to various requests that I've received via email.

Who knows, maybe we can start an exchange of information about how to play some of these requested passages!

To start with, I've had a request to slow down the "turn" for Walfus Two Step.

Of course, there are many ways to do this, but I broke down two variations, the first being very basic and the second being a little fancier.

The next passage that I've included is from the song, "My True Love".

What I'm attempting to demonstrate is my perception of the "Riley version".

It actually becomes fairly comfortable to play when you become accustomed to hearing it.

Geno also covered this tune, but does it slightly differently.

As a matter of fact, the Geno version is inconsistent in the respect that the first time he plays the "B" part, he performs it differently than the subsequent patterns.

(Geno's version sounds more 2/4-ish to me, whereas, Riley's version sound more 8-to-the-bar, rock-ish.)

But .. here they are .. hope this helps.  And have fun learning!


My True Love

True Love Slow


Walfus Slow

Walfus Variation