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  Intro Cajun Accordion Lessons


Welcome to Big Nick's introduction to Cajun accordion playing tutorial!

Note that this "project" is still being developed.  Feel free to email with suggestions, ideas, or questions, and I'll try to respond.

This lesson set is intended to provide some starting instruction for those interested in picking up the Cajun accordion.

Also included are some tips on how to amplify the Cajun Accordion for live performance as well as what to look for when buying an accordion.

Lessons are presented in both video (Microsoft Media files) and audio format.  If you need the Windows Media player, it can be downloaded for free at Microsoft's homepage.

When you see the TV set, click to watch & listen.

When you see the music notes, click to hear the audio. 
(or, accompaniment )

Note that this is a free lesson .. It's Big Nick's effort to give something back to the community of Cajun music and culture that has provided such a rich cultural heritage for us to enjoy and pass on.

Please feel free to copy and use these lessons for your own personal use.  (No unauthorized reproductions!)

These lessons are only an introduction, and a few advanced techniques.  Please make an effort to learn to walk before running.  A good instructor can be very helpful.  Also, if you can find others to perform with, this really helps too.

If you have any ideas that you'd like to see, or corrections, please feel free to write!

Above all, have fun learning.  After all is said and done, it's not the destination  but the journey that is so rewarding.


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Jam Tunes 2005

La Valse Des Pins

Back Door
  (with left-hand study)

Lacassine Special
  (with tablature)

Dog Hill