Holding the Cajun Accordion


Holding the Cajun Box 

The Cajun box generally has a shoulder strap that goes over your right shoulder.  I understand that itís not required when playing while sitting, but I always use it.  For me, it helps to anchor the instrument while playing. 

Although you may need to look at the buttons while first learning, Iíd recommend that you tilt the accordion forward and away from you, at about 15-30 degrees from vertical as you play. 

The left hand gets slid through the strap and is positioned so that the bass and chord buttons are easily accessed.

Iíve saved the right hand for last, because itís the most critical.

Your thumb goes through the thumb loop and anchors your right hand against the right side of the accordion.  To achieve proper playing technique, you must not place your thumb behind the accordion. 

It may take some time to become comfortable, locking in oneís thumb, but it becomes second nature with practice.

The air regulator is operated with the palm of the left hand.