Installing a Dynamic Mic


Disclaimer:  The following information is presented for your amusement and entertainment only. 
No guarantee of performance is being made here. 
Big Nick assumes no liability for any damage or devaluation made to your instrument by making any alterations.

Background:  This method was generously introduced to me by DP Mandell of DP and the Rhythm Riders. 
I’ve added the “mute” switch, windscreen and right angle A3F in this illustration.

(Not illustrated: I had drilled small pilot holes prior to screwing in the #4 pan head screws.)

Click any image to enlarge them! 

1. First, I had to remove
the old mic

2. Off with the
wind screen!

3. Here’s the old mic & resulting hole

4. This hole must be plugged first

5. ½" dowels (Ace) 6. Dowel glued into
old hole
7. You’ll need Bee’s Wax (Ace) 8. And Wood Glue (Ace)
9. Silicon tubing
(Hobby store) &
#4 3/8” Phillips (Ace)
10. Neutrik A3M (Sweetwater)
& template
11. 4 X 3/8” Phillips Pan Head (Ace) 12. 4 X 1/2” Flat Phillips (Ace)
13. Flat washers
(I used M-3; Ace)
14. Template in place to punch a pilot hole
15. 1/4” Brad tip & 7/8” Forstner bits (Ace) 16. Use a drill press for no-drift drilling
17. Rasp & files 18. SPST Toggle switch (Radio Shack)
19. Don’t over tighten the switch!! 20. 3½” bent in half (de-burr first!  see #28)
21. Bend “foot” 22. One goes up, the other down
23. Audio Technica DR-VX2 (Guitar Center) 24. The new mic
25. Gently pull out element, unscrew A3M bolt 26. The new 7/8” hole!  Yikes!
27. Rasp makes spline grooves (push only!) 28. The drill-press & a file, rounds ends nicely!
29. 2-lefties, 2-righties 30. Mounted A3M & wiring
31. Mounted A3M on outside 32. Wires to mute switch
33. Wires to mute switch 34. Complete wiring
35. Mic, tube, and brackets 36. Side view
37. Important!  Must seal w/wax! 38. Finished!  From outside
39. Old windscreen blocks “whoosh” 40. Close up, glued w/wax!