Lesson #10 - Triplets / Trills


Triplets and trills

I've heard the words "triplets, trills and grace notes" used rather loosely, almost interchangeably.

Technically, they may or may not be the same thing .. but .. I'm more interested in showing you how these sound and how to use them (rather than what to call 'em!)

This technique is one of the first layers of ornamentation that is used in Cajun music.

The Cajun Box trill is actually 3 notes played in rapid succession .. usually so quickly that they sort of blend together.

But, you can hear that something fancy was added and that the melody becomes more "spiced-up"!

A word of caution:  Like any new skill, it's human nature to overuse this technique when it's first learned.  Keep in mind that the objective is make the music sound pleasing, and to also listen to yourself as you play.

OK .. enough esoteric journalism!  Here's how you do it!

Say that the first note that you play in a song starts on "C".  Actually, we now use the octave "C" which is a push on buttons #3 and #6 .. right?

When you play the note, keep your "pinky" on button #6.  But, with your index finger, very rapidly play buttons #3, then with your next finger, button #4, and then button #3 again.

I'll give some examples.

This works on the push and pull!

Try the whole tune again, with octaves, but add these triplets .. Play with it until you get comfortable.  Then, we'll go on to some more ornamentations.

Have fun!