Lacassine Special


This session (Lacassine Special) features several video clips. 
Click the TV for video.  If you've a dial up connection, you may want to just listen to the audio by clicking on the little speakers.  (Some of the video clips are very BIG!)

If Santa brought you a new accordion for Christmas, here's a tune to try!

Also note that I've provided tab, midi, sheet music, and a graphic that shows where the notes hide on the Cajun Accordion.

I'd suggest printing the Sheet Music and start out by following the tablature, measure by measure.

if you've ever participated in a Cajun Accordion jam session, you've probably heard the song "Lacassine Special" by Iry Lejeune.

Iry was a prime mover in the resurgence of Cajun music after WW II.

He was very prolific, and tragically, died quite young, by being struck by an automobile in LA.

The song a nice example of a solid moving melody for the Cajun accordion.  The tune does have many notes, but is quite intuitively easy to play once you get the "hang" of it.

I've tried to break up the tune into measures that correlate with the sheet music that I've provided. 
Please note that measures 2 & 6, 3 & 7, and 4 & 8 are the same, as are 11 & 15, 12 & 16, 12b & 16b both times thru, so I have elected not to repeat them. 
Just follow the numbering sequence and you should be OK!

Also, I perform the tune a little differently every time, so I may have missed a couple notes somewhere!

Please *do not* assume that this is the "correct" or only way to play this tune! 
This is a fairly simple version, but I hope it serves as a starting point.

Please experiment and make up you own variations!

Have fun!

--Big nick 01/03/05