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It's here!  Big Nick's SECOND Cajun Accordion lessons!




Priced to offer the best value of any DVD lessons on the WEB!

Only $35 plus $3.00 shipping & handling in the continental USA!

Includes a 56 page booklet featuring complete, accurate tablature.




Once again, this project took me infinitely longer than expected!  Thank you so much for your patience.

The intended audience is beginner to intermediate player and fills the void between volumes 1 and 3.

Volume 2 Features:

- Two Video Disks – Approximately 3 hours of video instruction total.

- One Audio CD – 15 tracks of accompanying audio in two tempos. Kicked off by Big Nick and then it’s your turn.  About ½ hour long.

- Booklet – 56 page booklet containing sheet music (for BOTH left and right hands) and tablature for all selections. Notes about playing on various levels. Jamey Hall’s most excellent music theory for Cajun Accordion.

Technical – 3 cameras used for far-shot, left-hand and right-hand close ups, (overhead camera for piano.) Separate audio track for high quality audio (no “across-the-room” audio).

Booklet contents:

- Demystifying the Accordion – An explanation of the available scales on the Cajun Accordion – What keys can you play in, why some songs “work” and others don’t. Demonstration on both Accordion and Piano for graphic clarity.

- Vive L ’Amour / Mon Aimable Brune – Cajun Drinking song – Demonstrated for right hand only and single notes to “get you up and running”. Includes Cajun Accordion right-hand chords for a second accordion duo as well as guitar chords.

- L’Agneau Petit – Adding left to right hand, adding octaves to a simple melody.

- Scale Exercise – Simple scale exercises to practice dexterity.

- Amede Two Step – A-Part – Broken down into levels: simple, staccato, staccato and pinky, variation 1, syncopation, more syncopation, pickups, variation 2, chords, conclusion

- Amede Two Step – B-Part – simple, octaves

- Cowboy Waltz – Elaboration on simple version presented in Volume 1

- Flames Of Hell – A-Part – “Express lesson” simplified

- Choupique – A-Part – Broken down into levels: simple, rhythm, octaves, syncopation, triplets, more octaves, pickups, variations

- Choupique – B-Part

- Audio CD – 15 tracks. Includes accompaniments for all above selections in 2 tempos.

- Jamey Hall’s Excellent Music Theory

- Vocabulary


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